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Poetry is often considered a labor-of-love, with the idea that only the very rare poet can actually make money at it. I am just curious how many of you out there actually seek out and buy works/collections of poetry.
IAMNOWHERE IAMNOWHERE 36-40, F 4 Answers Aug 19, 2010

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I buy, on average I guess, about one poetry collection a month. I belong to the Poetry Book Society in the UK, which sends me one book chosen by their panel every three months. That way my taste doesn't get stuck in a rut. Last collection they sent me was Seamus Heaney's new one; last I bought myself was by Tom Liardet (moving and magnificent); this week I'm going to buy Carrie Etter's "The Tethers".

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I have purchased 10 collections of poetry so far this year and will more than likely pick up a few more. My most recent acquisition is The Collected Poems of Langston Hughes. One of the main reasons I buy poetry is because I feel it is important to reread poems to fully understand them. There are a couple of books I bought this year that I know I will read again and again, such as Going to Seed: Dispatches from the Garden by Charles Goodrich and Work is Love Made Visible: Poetry and Family Photographs by Jeanetta Calhoun Mish.<br />
njr<br />

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Yes poetry needs to be understood. The meaning of the words and the sentiment of the soul expressed there.

Also can learn a lot about history too from poetry.


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a have a few like maya angelou and a couple of books of poems from various writers who arent well known

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