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Yes, I got my the sides (and the bottom) of the head of my **** brushed by my woman with a pair of Sonicare toothbrushes for about 30 minutes to an hour, I ended up ******* my brains out anyway!

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Yes. She was giving me a hand-job, because we didn't have a lot of time that night. I asked her if she was trying to make me *** and she said she was, so I told her to stop.

I said I was going to save my ****** for the following night when we would be together properly and would have more time to enjoy ourselves.

The following night, I didn't really deliberately hold back, but I did something I do a lot of - I didn't exactly chase it down. Then, when we had played and ****** so long that we were too exhausted to carry on, we went to sleep - and I still hadn't ***.

The following morning... that's when I went actively hunting down my own ******.

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Oh yes.

Last Tuesday, was enjoying a naked tantric massage, both I & the lady masseur being naked.

Had enjoyed the pleasure for nearly 90 mins when she went to work on my **** whilst playing with my prostate via my rectum.

I wanted it to last forever and was doing my best to make it last, but the lady knows how to make a man *** & oh boy I did!

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Yes. I think that was part of the plan. I was being slowly jacked and begged not to *** but that just worked to tighten the grip and slow it down. Tough to resist when you're naked and spreadeagled.

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Of course but I can't hold my *** for long

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I am very submissive when it comes to sex with my husband. I am usually ready to come long before him, but I usually ask before I go ahead and come. He almost always says no, it started because he wanted to come at the same time, but now he makes me wait for long periods of time, because he knows how much I love being teased. Sometimes he comes and then makes me **** myself with a ***** for up to an hour until he allows me to come.

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Certainly most men have tried to delay *********** in order to prolong/increase the pleasure of their partners. Sometimes easier said than done.

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