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My heart it feels so hurt. I drew her everything and she loves a better artist who draws better than me and lives the same country as her. I feel so used , I drew her a drawing I spent all night making and she didn't bother even commenting on it. I feel so hurt. I don't wanna live , everything is a lie , no one really does love. Everything I love goes away from me. The girl I love before left me because she decided she was a lesbian and the one before that left because it was my fault. I am so unloved , it hurts me so much. I dont have the will to get out of bed in the morning, I heart , it hurts so much. I feel like I need to cry 24/7. I feel so hurt no one loves. Why does everything I love go? I feel so hurt I feel like I need to end my life ,I feel really depressed ='(
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cheer up bro! ^ 0 ^ wutcha goin through is normal, and I have to tell ya it sucks! it really does, cuz I been there many many times with different people~ from experience or aka, learning things the hard way you learn a thing or two about relationships and people... you may feel like you were being used, but you know what? one of these days they're gonna look back and think "hey, that guy was a really nice guy you know? I wonder why I dumped him like that..." people come around but it doesn't mean you gotta wait to see it! by the time they realize how wonderful you really are~ you'll already have an awesome girlfriend who will love you :D ya better believe it! = 3=)~ as a fellow artist, my final words of advice for you~ when you draw something for a girl, don't put 110 percent effort into it just in case this shi** happens when all of your effort (I call it spoiling but hey, sh** people gave me a morbid sense of reality~ but I'm still fairly optimistic) just don't put too much effort into something if you're not receiving anything back~ like they say "you scratch my back, we'll scratch yours" if you draw you her something, and if for some miracle she does something nice for you~ then that's when you can put all of that effort ^ w ^ but if you give her all this love and attention and she doesn't return any of your favors, then screw it! you're gonna experience a lot of heart breaks in your life, just gotta learn how to be strong and preserver even when people start to take advantage of you and don't let anyone take you for a fool~ people can be tricky, but you gotta be trickier (be observative of your surroundings) but in short, dun beat yourself up because of it and hey~ i sorta feel for ya because this stuff happens to me waaay too much :O so dun hesitate to ask me something somewhere down the line PS: it's okay to be depressed, from experience ya learn a lot about yourself which will be a guide to help you get back on your feet~ the world isn't without it's challenges bud

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Friend... Listen to me.... I have also been there.... When I tell you it will get better. It will get better... With age one change... We can't change the past, but we can change our future if we spend our days for it... And thus change our PERCEPTION of the past... It took all our downfalls and hurts to get from point a to point b and from b to c... Seize the day... snap out of it... and know that you are never alone... people come in and out of our lives all the time... sometimes we go months without interacting with someone... and suddenly we meet people who we carry with us for the rest of our lives.... Hope this helped... <3

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