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...I'm weak, Thursday I'm a man, Friday I'm a woman, Saturday I'm kind, Sunday she's blind... to the fact that I'm human and not always consistent. What do women actually want from a man? Not trying to pose a deliberately sexist question at all, but sometimes it seems that I am expected to be everything, and when I'm not, I'm nothing. Really nothing. Do you want a man who is sensitive to your needs, kind, considerate caring and not bad looking for an old fellah, or do you want a troglodyte? Take your time... one for the older ladies perhaps!
tarquino tarquino 41-45, M 6 Answers Nov 10, 2009

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Not every woman wants the same thing. I don't know why people think that every single woman is a carbon copy of every other one's personality and desires and are so upset when they learn that they aren't. It's not exactly a secret.<br />
<br />
I can not tell you what women want because it's different for every woman. I want someone who is smart, funny, and kind. Another woman might want a man who is protective and good looking. Still another might want a man who is dominating and doesn't have a brain in his head. We're not identical. Thinking that all women are or should be the same is probably a big part of why you're having a problem in the first place. Stop thinking of women as some sort of alien creature with a hive mind and start looking at each as an individual human being and you'll no doubt start having less relationship problems.

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Figuring out a womans mind is impossible for the average guy.<br />
Give up now before you get a headache.

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For starters, find out if she wants a woman or a man because being a man on Thu and a woman on Fri could be confusing for her or if that's what she wants then confusing for you. Clear that one up and step by step work on other issues :)

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