Okay so I'm alsmost 15. I'm 5'2, and weigh about 110-115 pounds. I'm growing, obviously into adulthood, but since I started recovery from anorexia, I've gained about ten pounds since about last December. Is that normal and okay? I don't have jiggly anywhere, it's mainly muscle.
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good for you for working hard on getting over your demons, I don't know specifically what you should weigh, but if you have a good bmi (check that with any of the millions of free online checkers), and you are eating properly and getting enough exercise, then I really think that it sounds pretty good.<br />
Yes, you are still young and still growing a little here and there, but not for long. Just take time to learn about proper nutrition, ignore anything that seems ''too good to be true'' (because trust me it always is......ALWAYS), and find some activities that you enjoy and that you want to stick with, be that swimming, cycling, running, following dvd's or youtube video's etc. That's not to lose weight of course, that's just to stay healthy and fit, and to keep your healthy weight and size.<br />
Keep up the good work x

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Thank you so much! I'm proud of myself, I appreciate it!

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good girl :) x

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