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energeez energeez 31-35, M 4 Answers May 1, 2012

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Change the question to how much the world price of oil can differ from the domestic price. Ans: very little.<br />
<br />
Now discover a couple billion new barrels of oil and ask the same question. That's why Obama says we can't drill our way out!

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When the "evil" Bush and his oil company friends were in power, gas was less than $2 in the US, and all the liberals bitched and moaned about how high it was. Now you call anything less than $4 "go down." Yes, its Odumbo's fault. We remember that he promised us gas prices higher than $5 before the 2008 election. Its his fault.

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People wake up and smell the coffee! <br />
I don't care which branch of government it is Local, County,State, Federal....It's all Legalized Organized Crime. Try to stop it and see what happens to you.

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