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Logically, I know that he was self centered and emotionally unavailable, but I still feel bereft. Night time, when I should be sleeping is the worst. I just cry. How do I survive this? The final straw that broke us up was him breaking a promise to my daughter because he realized the day that he needed to be there for her was one of a three day thing he wanted to do with his son, and he would not give up one day of it to keep his commitment to my daughter. I had to tell her, and she was crushed. I just do not want to put either of us in a family where some people are allowed to be more important than others. He wanted me to lie to my daughter and tell her that he had an emergency rather than explain to his son that he needed to miss one day of some sports relay. I asked him to compromise, and he seemed to think that this was expecting too much. My daughter has known and loved him for two years. I dated him for 2 years prior to having her meet him. I thought that I was being so careful.
pianobar pianobar 41-45 6 Answers Feb 26, 2012

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Time is your friend. I wish you the best of luck

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Thank you for sending your kind thoughts and support! I really need it!

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There's comfort in sticking to your values. When you know clearly how you want to be treated and what you expect from a family and partner, at least you don't have regrets.

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