I want to buy my gf something nice, our first christmas together. First time I've had to buy a gift for a gf at xmas as I've always been single before now. I'm thinking jewellry, but what kind should I get?? I just know if I buy jewellry it will be the wrong thing, are there any basic guidelines or tips when choosing??
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Something that suits her personality. If your not sure, simple and elegant should be safe. Good luck :)

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perfume, braclet, necklace.

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How long have you been together if it's been more than 6 months I say get her a silver necklace something enduring. How does she act toward you is she loving and doting or is she sexy and sensuous. If loving and doting then a delicate heart charm would probably be appropriate if sexy and sensual a crystal in the shape of a heart of a teardrop. These are just guesses mind you but I suppose you could kinda play the card of letting her choose.

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Jewelry can be tricky...if it's too extravagant she might feel inadequate about her gift for you. Watch what she wears and keep it simple. No rings, unless you are that serious.

Does she have a hobby? You could safely go that direction - that will show her that you pay attention to what she likes to do.

Avoid gift cards. They spell "I had no idea what to get you and I only spent 10 minutes to thinking about it".

Write something lovely for her. That might be the favorite part!

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You could always go shopping with her and see what she gets excited about. Go to a few different cool stores. Go to a jewelry store and say you need to get something for a sister/cousin... and see what catches her eye :). Go to a few jewelry stores if you're not finding the right one, ha. If you go with jewelry that is. Think deeply about her personality, her likes and dislikes and pick what you feel will be the best, most heartfelt gift!

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A simple necklace maybe? silver preferably as gold is a bit much for first Xmas gift then maybe some little things like music cd, a book and a xmas stocking with things lke fluffy socks and silly little gifts like that.

Don't go OTT, she will be embarrassed, stick to what you know.

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Pay attention to what she likes...her interests...and make it something genuine. Something that shows you made an effort and didn't just pick some random thing. Personally, I don't like jewelry...but that is just me...I would rather have the money that you spend on jewelry go towards a nice romantic dinner, or weekend getaway...

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dontt get a ring, she will get cofused so get something that is sweet like her and tell her you love , if she dosnt like the gift she should like the thourt

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Jewellery is always appreciated but try to make sure you get something that matches her. For example if she always wear silver thing don't go for gold.

Keep it something simple as then she can wear it with most things.

Do not go for a ring as that could cause confusion about the message you are sending and also you would need to know her ring size.

Earrings or necklaces are usually your safest bets.

And don't forget a card, a simple note to say you care in your own words is often worth more than the present.

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Jewelry is nice, if she's into that. Basically the key to gift giving is figuring out what she appreciates and cares about. Does she have a passion or a hobby? What types of music does she like? Maybe you notice she loves wearing fluffy socks lol i dunno! I wouldn't worry about it overly so though. As long as you put forth an effort I'm sure she'll love whatever you get. Even you don't get her anything ya know.. it's your guys's love that matters, not material presents. :)

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a nice ring, necklace, gift card to the store she shops at the most.

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