18. With my first partner. I only see him accidently from time to time now and we arent together since about 2 1/2 years. I dont have any contact information about him anymore. ... In review I wished I would have waited longer in my first serious relationship to do it. Like only when I would be really ready for it and would know that I could be strong enough to dont start behavior I didnt like myself and dont let me be talked into things I dont really want or like. For me it would be better if I would have been more selfconfident and to a certain level more independant and only than consider having sex. Because only than it would have been mutual, consensual and good for both of us. And I would have been able from the very start to express my wishes, desires and boundaries and to not get into bad situations. Ha, at least now I know it better and know how to assure I feel well and safe and to learn ways of finding mutual respect and exploring and consensual being with each other.

PS: It could be also a her or a them with who people loose their virginity. And virginity can be defined in different ways. So I would say also important is the one with who we had our first sexual moments at all. .. With that person I will never speak again and dont have contact with him anymore.

Take care you all and love and strength for yourselves! :)

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I was 17. Long time ago, but we are still friends.

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