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I agree they're treated poorly sometimes, but so are guys.<br />
<br />
You gotta remember : <br />
There are male AND female creeps<br />
There are male AND female criminals<br />
<br />
I just don't get how you see girls treated like crap but guys don't .

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No I see it both ways. And I agree. I'm picking no genders sides, we both get hurt. I'm just saying that some guys can be d!icks to girls. And it's not fair, but your right it is also not fair on the flip side either.

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You did say "girls get treated like crap" tho. And it annoys me sometimes.

Think about it..

If a 50yr old MALE dates an 18yr old Girl, he's the creep.

If a 50yr old MALE dates an 18yr old Guy, the guy is lucky..

But i do believe girls have it harder, but respect wise-both get disrespected

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I HAVE NOTICED THAT :-O I think women were treated better when we were not in this HI TECH WORLD :-O

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Yeah. They don't deserve any of it

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How are they treated like crap? It's the idiots they keep dating and/or being friends with.

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