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So there was this guy on another forum (think he was around his 30ies) that had never been close to a woman. He had decided on an approach to pick them up though - if he saw a beautiful woman sitting at a cafe, he would come up to her from behind.. put his hand gently on her back and then pull out some flowers to hand to her. After which he would tell the girl how beautiful she is. The guy was dead serious about it and wouldn't listen to people advicing him against doing so. So tell me now: Is there actually anyone that would go along with this?? Or is he in for a lot of bitchslaps? It gave me a good laugh anyways
tooloaded tooloaded 22-25, M 7 Answers Apr 14, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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I hope not. If some guy did that to me, I'd drop kick him.

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Man, it is hard to understand women. First when you approach with flowers you get *****-slapped. When you stop giving flowers, she complains...So make up your mind, woman!!!!

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Hahaha good one

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