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xanthareel yellow eel formerly used in medicinal foods

xanthic yellow; yellowish

xanthippe ill-tempered woman

xanthocarpous having yellow fruit

xanthochroia yellowness of the skin

xanthochroic having yellow skin

xanthocomic yellow-haired

xanthocyanopsy form of colour-blindness in which only blue and yellow can be distinguished

xanthoderm yellow-skinned person

xanthodont one with yellow teeth

xanthoma disease characterized by yellow patches on the skin

xanthometer instrument for measuring colour of sea or lake water

xanthophyll substance causing yellow colour of autumn leaves

xanthopsia a visual condition where things appear yellow

xanthospermous having yellow seeds

xanthous yellow or red-haired

xebec small three-masted pirate ship

xeme fork-tailed gull

xenagogue guide; someone who conducts strangers

xenial of or concerning hospitality towards guests

xenium gift made to a guest or ambassador; any compulsory gift

xenobiotic indicating a substance or item foreign to the body

xenocracy government by a body of foreigners

xenodiagnosis diagnosis of disease by allowing laboratory-bred diseases to affect material

xenodocheionology love of hotels

xenodochial hospitable; kindly to strangers

xenodochium building for the reception of strangers

xenogamy cross-fertilization

xenogeneic of a disease, derived from an individual of a different species

xenogenesis generation of offspring entirely unlike the parent

xenogenous due to an outside cause

xenoglossia person's knowledge of a language never studied

xenolalia person's knowledge of a language never studied

xenolith fragment of extraneous rock embedded in magma or another rock

xenomancy divination using strangers

xenomania inordinate attachment to foreign things

xenomenia menstruation from abnormal orifices

xenomorphic having a form not its own

xenophilia love of foreigners

xenophobia fear of foreigners

xenops a small tropical rainforest bird

xenurine species of armadillo

xeransis drying up

xerarch growing in dry places

xerasia abnormal dryness of the hair

xeric dry; lacking in moisture

xerocopy photocopy

xerodermia abnormal dryness of the skin

xerography photocopying

xerophagy eating of dry food; fast of dry food in the week preceding Easter

xerophily adaptation to very dry conditions

xerophobous unable to survive drought

xerophthalmia dryness and soreness of the eyes

xerophytic able to withstand drought

xeroradiography process for taking permanent pictures of X-ray images

xerosis abnormal dryness of body parts

xerostomia excessive dryness of the mouth

xerothermic dry and hot

xerotic dry

xerotripsis dry friction

xesturgy process of polishing

xilinous of, like or pertaining to cotton

xiphias swordfish

xiphoid sword-shaped

xiphopagus conjoined twins joined by a band of flesh on the torso

xiphophyllous having sword-shaped leaves

xiphosuran horseshoe crab

xoanon primitive woo

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x-men? :D

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yeah lol :))

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xavier,...but that's a name.

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i like this name a lot it's very very cool :)

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I agree Kurz, I love that name..

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xena, warrior princess, btiches!

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sugarfooties pinched my word.

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Xerophthalmia (dry eye)

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