where were you? was it a man or a woman? what did you say back? Did it work on you?
wwhirlygirl wwhirlygirl 41-45, F 4 Answers Dec 4, 2012

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He drooled and said "wow big boobs... wanna hang out?"

LMAO c'mon guys, seriously?

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“Hey, I bet nobody’s ever picked you up like this before.” (Tosses condom onto table.)

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wow...seriously...I am sure he picked up a lot of women like

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It is sooo preposterous and takes one so aback- that if he has a nice following line it can work--

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I was in a gay bar, when he walked up to me and said:

"**** me if I'm wrong, but don't I know you from somewhere"?

What could I say? We had never met, and he was gorgeous!

I told him he didn't know me (which I suspect he already knew), and agreed when he suggested going back to his place.

Yes, the corny pickup line worked....and it turned into a wonderful night! :)

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It was a woman who was an assistant manager at a store I worked at and she told my female coworker "I'd like to take a bite of out that" referring to my rear end. (I was bending over to get items off a low shelf.) I overheard the comment said nothing back, I just blushed really bad because I was 16 years old. My coworker confirmed for me later that she was indeed referring to me. I guess the line "worked" in that I got excited about it, but nothing ever developed between me and this woman.

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