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I have recently discovered that when our sunset, if you stare and try to focus on space within the air, (the state before daydreaming) and I noticed at different times, different parks they are there. I've researched and "Google" so far it can't be proven and documented. The theory of black specs what it begins to turn to. Now, Dr's and experts speculate and assume to rush judgement on a label. But that's our society now, right? Upon searching, I ran across and article about a nine year old little girl told her mother about a similar experience, she was told to go seek an eye doctor who couldn't find anything wrong. But again, Nothing on the fascinating human vessel body we call our names. Can anyone, or has anyone experience this during sunset, practice that technique.
dizzysinglemother dizzysinglemother 31-35, F 2 Answers Jul 6, 2014 in Health

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I see those things! I've put it down to the little bits of dust that float in your eyeball x)

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Can I have a puff?

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