The so-called "scientists" went south to produce TV propaganda about how the ice is melting, but Antarctic ice now covers an all time record area. Their chartered ship has been stuck in ice for over a week. ice breaker ships of other nations are supposedly attempting to rescue them but so far have been unable to penetrate the "melted" ice flows. Even at high summer in the Antarctic, ice is thick and getting thicker. The ship was shown on NBC Today show again this morning, but no mention of their purpose of "documenting" melted ice. I laugh at those fools every time I see them stuck. Are you laughing too?
DozerDan DozerDan 66-70, M 3 Answers Dec 27, 2013 in Politics

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Al Gore Suckk my POP Scickle!!!

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what a bunch of jackasses......this whole global warming - oh, I mean 'claimate change' thing is ludicrous.

Even astronomers have noted that the polar ice caps on Mars melt and come back from time to time!!

AND the warmest period in our earth's history was in the MIDDLE AGES.........

I have NEVER gone along with this change is cyclical, PERIOD.

oh well,.....we can't all be reasonable about this, I suppose!!!!!!!!11

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They said our kids, kids would not see snow.

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