I see that, City Card Call center, BOSTON Rep. Uma Mary, Khanki's jessore road momma. shamim momota and gotten to
Sharon chowdhury, England then her sister Jasmine Harold.. OMG !!!!

And my city card, amex card always answered by Ranzan, the British Banker son of Shamim momota chowdhury, born in Otc' 1974. OMG !!

2002 Gaal of Misha Inc. How Dare you? She used that Bowie Pimp to bribe DHS Chief of Intelligence, to scam BOA for 600 humdred Thousands Dollar. then, now as a candain, MISHA Inc. Grammaw she bought home in Colombia, Maryland. that Bank United , Razia Hossain knows it all. Who is married to her Son Raznu for a Green Card.

remember, Sabina Islam 5'5", that is what she did with DATAGROUP by making razia hossain " Samantah hibbert" and Uma Mary Khanki pAlyed Sadia Afroz, or afroza Hasin Zhumur.

Falls Church city employee , Bashar Khan is uma Mary's ex husband. she married mr. Richard Stressner, aka, Abdul Rahman chowdhury, Baltimore.. Peter.. ooh ! and
now she is living with Farhad Khan too !

Windingway, West Springfield, VA.

Vegas, Treasure Island, Anjum CHowhdury's Spa Business ! thePimp !

MISHA INK . Bulders CANADA !!!

You Son of Bitsh !!!
Chondona, the Bae Area Architect own, 4 season hotel s Ughahahhahahahha

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Not true, you need intent and decisive action to achieve your goals!

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Are you sure?

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No, I think that's something called "determination" (・ヮ・ )

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