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God is in control,it's the people that are out of control

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Someone for most to blame when things are not going their way

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.............always with us.

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.. suspiciously unwilling to do astounding miracles as he used to.

He used to part seas to help whole nations escape - and now, he makes his face appear on toast in some redneck hick town.

He appears to be lacking enthusiasm and ambition.

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God is a concept,

By which we can measure,

Our pain,

I'll say it again,

God is a concept,

By which we can measure,

Our pain,

I don't believe in magic,

I don't believe in I-ching,

I don't believe in bible,

I don't believe in tarot,

I don't believe in Hitler,

I don't believe in Jesus,

I don't believe in Kennedy,

I don't believe in Buddha,

I don't believe in mantra,

I don't believe in Gita,

I don't believe in yoga,

I don't believe in kings,

I don't believe in Elvis,

I don't believe in Zimmerman,

I don't believe in Beatles,

I just believe in me,

Yoko and me,

And that's reality.

The dream is over,

What can I say?

The dream is over,


I was dreamweaver,

But now I'm reborn,

I was the walrus,

But now I'm John,

And so dear friends,

You just have to carry on,

The dream is over.

John Lennon.

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The expression of the wishful thinking of human beings

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God is real God is love God is good all the time

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Pure mythological fiction.

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god is a mere word created by man. NOTHING MORE.

If there was any truth to this myth the very notion would not divide instead of unifying.

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.......not real.

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God- The compassionate, most merciful, soverign, holy, all peace, giver of peace, protector, mighty irresistible, superb, creator, maker, shaper, forgiving, dominant, all- giving, provider, opener, all-knowing, seizer, expander, abaser, exalter, honourer, humiliator, all-hearing, all- seeing, judge, just, subtle, all- aware, Clement, mighty, forgiving, appreciative, sublime, great, protector, sustainer, reckoner, majestic, generous, watchful, one who answers all, All- embracing, wise, loving, glorious, resurrector, witness, true, trustee, most strong, firm, supporter, praiseworthy, counter, originator, reproducer, giver of life, creator of death, alive, self-subsisting, perceiver, unique, one, eternal, able, powerful, expediter, delayer, first, last, manifest, hidden, governor, most exalted, righteous, acceptor of repentence, avenger, pardoner, one with extreme mercy, Eternal Owner of Sovereignty, Lord of majesty and bounty, equitable, gatherer, self- sufficient, enricher, preventer, distresser, propitious, light, guide, incomparable, everlasting, supreme inheritor, guide to the right path, patient

This is God

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A sick bastard.

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*Our Heavenly Father




*One person, along with his son and the spirit, each a distinct being

*The judge

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Dog spelled backwards. Yes that is all. Amazing. I think so.

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a three letter word.

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...death that we might live on and on and on

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