We met through a dating site & had our first date on Monday - it went well and he invited me to the movies this Friday night. He\'s booked tickets but asked if I can drive us there. The reason he can\'t drive is because he has epilepsy & can\'t drive for 6 months. He was upfront about this from the start. He literally lives 2 streets away (at home with his folks, like me - I\'m 24, he\'s 23) and the cinemas are a 5-10 minute trip away (but ages via public transport.) I think I\'m ok with driving but a little concerned about safety. He seems really nice, but he really is still just a \'stranger\'. I mentioned him to my mum (I still live at home - & for safety) and she was concerned about the fact I met him online & whether he saw my car on our first date - she thought he\'d drive down my street looking for my car to see where I lived, and could stalk me. I think she\'s been watching too much TV but she could have a point! Should I drive? If not, what do I tell him? (Yes, I asked this question a bit earlier but just wanted a greater sample of opinions!)
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go for it he must like you because he has gotten the tickets for the show plus if it does go bad you can just leave him. You have the car

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There is always a risk when meeting some one new on the internet or not, but you havnt seen any red flags, on your first date im guessing everything went well and you guys had a great time, and the fact that hes been honest with you about personal medical problem shows that he has trust and respect for you. Yes there is always risk, there is risk in crossing the street, but in the end if there is no rational reason to be concerned then its simply a illusion made by fear and nothing else. Go for it

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I think you should go ahead and drive. Your Mum has been watching too much tv.

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