My dad keeps telling me how important it is to go to college or university but what about living my life? I live in Europe, I'd like to discover other countries, try living in the US and live my life. But what if I can't do anything without a degree? What do you think?
nicw nicw 18-21, F 5 Answers Jan 16, 2011

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Going to a college is living the life,part of life.and is only for a time,it will go away.but the memories and friends and what you are learning in college will stay with you always. is fun!

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Thanks :)

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hey u knw wat? going to college is fantastic!

Imagine then u'll have cool friends to go visit countries wiv

and at the same time u'll graduate and earn a degree

wat i suggest is go to college and then u can still take a yr off n live yr life

college is imp for yr future...u dnt want to look bk n regret

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Thank you! :)

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