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I have scary dreams about that house... Never good. And it's filled w people in my past. People I met after we moved from that house. Very strange.
Ilovepepsi Ilovepepsi 36-40, F 4 Answers Sep 9, 2012 in Community

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I kept dreaming me and my boyfriend were watching fireworks on the beach. <3

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I don't recall having a dream last night. It is normal for me lately.

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good morning :-) the reasone you're dreaming about it is because you missed it, and you missed your childhood. I've had those dreams, and I miss my house and my childhood these days. I remember part of my dreams; I dreamt that all soap operas are done, and also; some of my family cleaning up and puttings things away that they don't use anymore. I think it means there's an ending to part of my life, and it's time to put thoughts and some memories away.

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