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A woman places an ad in the paper seeking a man who will not;

1. Beat her

2. Won't run out on her

3. Is a great lover

Two days later her doorbell rings. She answers the door and a quadriplegic is siting on her porch.

She says: Hello, may I help you?

He replies: I read your ad. I have no arms to beat you, no legs to run out on you...

She ask: How do I know that your good in bed?

He replies: How do think I rang the door bell?

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What does a blonde say after sex? All you guys on the same team?
Why did the blond go on the roof? She heard drinks were on the house.
How do you drown a blonde? Place a scratch & sniff on the bottom of the pool :~)

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This old guy is at the doctors office and says" Doctor, I have started to just have terrible silent gassers. I had one in Church, I had one coming here, I even just had one talking to you, what should I do?"

The doctor says, "First, get your hearing checked...."

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What's the difference between an apple and an orange ?

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Different colours? Or sweet and sour?

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I've never met an apple bastard.

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