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don't misunderstand, i have no beef with other men complementing my girlfriend at times. a woman deserves to be told that by others to make her feel good, and reinforce what you tell her. but there has to be a limit to how many and what specific friends, or how many times one specific person should say it. if a friend tells her she is s-exy fairly often, with or with out your knowlage. and if it were to show up in letters or texts at times, as if he had no concern of what her BF thought about it, would you not be very offended? is complementing another man's GF acceptable behavior. why is there just something that is wrong with that picture? it just feels wrong on many levels in my opinion. we could go into why we shouldn't be jealous all day long, but when one person continues to make her feel good, is he not oversteping his boundrys ? and what does this say about HER if she sees nothing wrong with it? i mean WHO doesen't like to be complemented on being s-exy ? is respect in order ?
hoplight hoplight 36-40 4 Answers Aug 2, 2010

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I'm a chick, obviously. I have an issue with my husband's friend. This guy has a foot fetish. His wife doesn't approve of it, because he's always ogling women's feet, and he gets turned on. you can see him getting aroused. This guy thinks I have the most adorable feet in the world, apparently, and always makes comments. It makes me uncomfortable, because I feel like he's disrespecting his wife, and putting me on the spot. The bigger issue to me is that my husband thinks it's funny, and harmless. I've seen the wife distraught over her husband's sexual excitement toward other women. I'm starting to get pissed off.

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yeah, that would be ok for the first time or even two. but my girlfriend's guy friend is also married. and i am almost 100% sure she is totaly unaware of his flirting like that with my lady. the guy is a complete scumbag. just because you know what a woman likes to hear and which women melt when you say certain things, doesn't give you the right or the moral "ok" to do it with another man's lady. if i had my way, i would make sure he learned his lesson. what happens when you mess with somebody elses woman.

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No problem! I would first tell your girl what's been bothering you. then have one to one conversation with him and just tell him to back off. That should do it. If your girl cares about your concerns then she should also discourage him from making those comments, but if she scolds you and call you childish then we have a problem.

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