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Not asking her what is wrong.
Atraxiella Atraxiella 13-15, F 3 Answers Aug 20, 2014 in Dating & Relationships

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Na... I know how this works... If one ask a woman; "Whats the matter?" And she replies: "Nothing". Than it's usually so much that they don't want to take it there and than.... BUT! if a woman asks a man: What's the matter? And we reply "nothing..." I can Guarantee! Guarantee with everything I hold dear... That it is absolutely nothing... We men have a small dark room in our mind, where it is pitch black and nothing goes on.... We can enter there at times... :)

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Yep. That's why when my pain in the *** wife, tries that ****, I hit her across the mouth till she tells me what's wrong.

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...that's not really something to be proud of

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