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I'm seeing a nice guy, but we're not 'committed' yet. But a nice guy asked for my # and wanted to hang out. He called, I was busy at the time, but haven't got back to him and its been 2 days. I'm not sure if I'm interested anyways, but feel kinda guilty. I don't really want to date 2 guys at once, but am torn because I'm not sure exactly what's going on with my beau.. Or do you guys get shot down so much that it hardly bugs you??? I dont want to be a jerk.
seamoss seamoss 36-40, F 3 Answers May 9, 2012

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It wouldnt bother me. <br />
<br />
I just think it strange that you give your number then ignore

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Well I hate being ambivelent going back a forth with my beau, not knowing if we're getting more serious, or if i should keep looking

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well i'v never asked for someones number out of pure shyness and it would probably make me feel crappy if i did not get a response dispite the amount of times i'v been shot down :P

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