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This is not about guts (courage). Unless a woman is very secure and has a big understanding of the difference between s3x and love (or is in a polygamous marrriage), this question is about having your cake and eating it too. Few marriages can survive this, and certainly not if they would ba<x>se the issue on "guts". Now, having cleared that up, my husband has permission; if he wants to be with somebody else, that's okay. You can't make somebody want you. I don't particularly need to know the details, either, and I would if I wanted to, also. No diseases please. Monogamy tends to be a western ideal, and a moralistic one, at that. But I don't believe in polyamory, myself. These issues have to be tested for commitment-phobia and to know if one person has one foot out the relationship door already.

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Im praying my soon to be ex will do just that. Its someone elses turn to be dissapointed and pissed off.

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