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I'm almost 18 and my stepbrother is 19, and we have had sex a couple of times. but never really talked about it. his mother and my father are married, we didn't grow up together, and i was rarely at my fathers when I was ynger. I havn't seen him or my father for a month, and he has been with his new gf for a month. I don't know what he is thinking, he found out that I had kissed with another boy and wanted to see him and kept asking questions about him and asking if I had hooked up with anyone else and startet writing to me, which he have never done before. Anyone who can help me figuring out what he is thinking? And I don't know if I like him. Just sow you know, we are not grown up as siblings, I see him as a friend, he has a brother, and I have a brother and a sister, but they don't have anything to do with eatch other, and our parent will not have a child together.. sorry if my english is bad, it is not my mother tonge
Padington Padington 18-21 1 Answer Jun 9, 2011

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Well hes not your brother so I dont think you broke any rules, technically. Especially since you didnt grow up together.. but thats not what your asking so ill get to my point. It sounds like it made him jealous when you mentioned another guy which sounds like he has feelings for you. It also sounds like its something yall cant do a whole lot about considering he lives with the dad and you live with the mom(im assuming). Its not like yall can profess your want for each other without ruffling some major feathers.. Hes probably wishing he could be with you though.

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thank you very much, that was what i thought,but he told me the first time we did something that he didn't have feelings..... so I don't really know what to think, but if he has feelings then I just don't understand why he got himself a girlfriend? but yes we don't normally live together. but my dad moved closer to where I live so in the last half year I have been there a lot more than I normally am.

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