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Mary2936 and anybody else with this question...

I JUST saw your question today...sorry.

I imagine by now you have learned that you can indeed keep your A1C, Cholesterol, and Triglycerides in good and healthy ranges WITHOUT meds. The real question is whether you have the spirit and determination to make it happen? Are you prepared to follow a well balanced, no fast food diet without cheating? Can you commit to AT LEAST 30 minutes of strenuous gym-type work 5 or more days per week? Whatever the routine, it has to make you sweat. can cheat ,occasionally, when you've finally gotten your numbers in a good healthy range for more than a year. Drs. usually don't try to go the above route, cause they know that maybe 5 out of one hundred people will actually succeed, with the rest dropping out and doing more damage through poor eating/exercising habits. Diabetes is serious, and will eventually become rude, crude, unattractive, and lethal if ignored. I hope this helps. Best of luck.

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Me?? ;)

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what type of diet have you chosen

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Eat whatever you desire! ;)
But I'm addicted to raw vege.

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