It's been happening for the last three days about 20-30 times a day and only last about five seconds. One of my dear friends told me it sounds like deep vein thrombosis and another told me it sounds like a symptom of multiple sclerosis---bastards. Of course, neither of these people are medical professionals. Anybody had anything similar? Thanks so much for your help!!! UPDATE: Went to the doctor who is sending me for an x-ray tomorrow, then likely an MRI for my back. He says he thinks I have a pinched nerve. I guess we'll see! Thanks for great answers!!!
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I know I am sooo late...but I have MS and I have that same sensation sometimes when I get out of bed in the morning. It lasts about a minute for me, and it feels like my feet are wet but not really warm. That being said, it still can be a host of other things...hope you've gotten that checked out and resolved by now!

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it sounds to me like a "hot flash"... before you feel this feeling are u cutting your circulation off? what i mean is have you ever felt it while standing? or do you only feel it when you are sitting? you might just be stopping circulation to your foot but pinching a vien and when you move you let the blood continue to flow and it give a warming sensation as the blood "re-fills" in your foot.... i could be wrong tho... i would see a doctor.

But next time you feel it (when sitting) try standing up and seeing if it goes away imeadiatly... wich might be hard for you as i seen you said it only lasts about 5 second wich is the same time and feeling as Cut off circulation and hot flashes...

try cutting off your circulation to your hand and than releasing it to see if it feels the same...

i get feelings like that from sitting for too long all the way down my leg...

good luck :)

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You are bad faceless!

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This is not medical advice.

I have a similar feeling that I get in my feet occasionally. If it's a pleasant sensation, like mine, then maybe it has to do with body energy. Trust me, I understand how loopy that may sound, but recently I've had to change my opinion about what's loopy and what's not, thankfully. If this possiblity "feels" right to you, maybe we could talk. If you "feel" that I'm a nut-job then I accept that too. Hope you find the answer that you are looking for.


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your post was exactly what i looking for. i have been having this sensation recently and i too thought it may be related to body energy since it is pleasant. could you elaborate on this? is it opening of chakras or something else?

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