My take on 'weight watchers' overeaters anon, tops. It you need help, support they they are great. It is liek me, I do better when I have a workout partner. Sometimes doing it alone is difficult. However, you 'have' to want to do it. Now, one may look at my pics (they are open except one), I work out hard. I do yoga and I basically eat raw food. Yes, I have had 'heavy times' during menopause, but once I got over all the hormones going wild, I fell right back into being my old self. Now, do not fool yourself thinking you are going to look one of those victoria's secret models. They have the genetics to look like that. Just like I have the genetics to look like me. Everyone is different. You can do weight watchers, sans the expensive meals and weigh in's on your own. Tops is a great group. They don't 'charge' you a big fee and you can get support from people that are in your situation (wanting to lose weight) Read my blog, I have diet tips. I have a woman that I am working with that has lost, to this point, 40 pounds, just by dropping the 'crap' shw eas eating. I met her at a parent/teacher conference and she saw the picture of me in High School with my husband, taken 35 years ago. She said I had not changed. She also told me that her hasband does not have sex with her (for eight months) because of the weight she has put on. Gosh, the guy must be ready to explode or he jacks off in the bathroom. Anyhow, I have been working with her and her husband finally made love to her. It is a little sad that hubby wont look at his wife in that way, and it took her loosing 60 pounds to do it, but she is happy. Just switch to a raw diet.

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