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Yes. A all night party....ppl passed out every where... I woke up tl find this girl passed out in one of the bedrooms... I fondled her breasts

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I loved passed out and sleeping girls and guys. I stated with a friends sister at a young age then moved to cousins and other friends. The good old days.

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No. Oh girlfriends, ya all the time then. Haha creepy

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Many years back I had a holiday romance with a girl who was OK with me touching her above the waist - she had the most beautiful peaches and cream breasts - but not below the waist.

On New Years Eve we went to an all-night party and ended up sleeping over in our underwear on the couch in one of the rooms with a sheet over us. While she slept, I caressed her all over again and went below the waist, pleased to find her wet and waiting. I knew at th time that she was a virgin and so I was careful to only caress her outer parts. When she had an org asm and kissed me so sweetly, I realised she was only pretending to sleep.

"You are teasing me to frustration. " she said. "Please stop or else take me." I chose the first because I had no condoms.

When she woke in the morning she thanked me for my patience and for NOT taking her cherry. She was buzzed and aroused enough to have gladly taken me into her, but she would have regretted it in the morning.

About six months later I returned to that city and went to meet her. I met her Mom instead. She too thanked me for being a gentleman on that night. The girl had told her Mom everything. I had stolen her heart instead and she preferred not to see me again as it wasn't going to go anywhere anyway.

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