I ask this because I went to a tibetan singing bowl meditation a while back and 20 minutes into it. My body started ******* uncontrollably. I was out of it for a little while and finally came out of it. My boyfriend who was there said I had an ****** (go figure, he would know). I had my roommate at the time and her 10 year old daughter there too. Needless to say, I interrupted meditation and was advised to never try it again. I have never had a seizure in my life so I am not sure if it was one. So if anyone else has had this experience please share. I sure would love to try meditation again. Seizure or ******?
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Meditation practice clearly causes seizures in my own expereince - after 14 years of zen meditation practice (daily 1-2 hrs, intensive retreats in monastaries), it has not only caused siezures (its like my nervous system short circuits - I have not control over limbs or posture - shaking and twitching for 5 - 10 seconds, remaining conscious all the time) - It has also caused best I can tell severe insomia.

I don't stop b/c meditation has been the only way that I've been able to stay depression free over the years. If I stop sitting, the clouds roll back in....its worse than the siezures and the insomnia. I'm not quite sure what to do.

The siezures came on gradually over the years - I once thought the seizures were due to chronic zoloft exposure (low dose for 6 years), and it indeed vanished for a while when I got off the meds, but now I'm med free and the seizures are becoming more frequent when I meditate. EEGs, MRIs, and consulting with a neurologist a few years back provided no insights.

I've been desperately searching the web trying to find more info on this topic.

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To my understanding, such an uncontrollable movement of the body during a meditation COULD be due to the release of certain karmic problems that have become physically manifested or in a way "crystallised" in the body tissues; and that was the way the body threw them off. Tibetan bowls will reach deeply into one's being, and could be "stirring things up" like that.

Its a bit akin to "the Exercise" in Subud, or perhaps some Pentecostal "talking in tongues and thrashing around" stuff.... it might be a throwing-off of "stuff" accumulated in the body.

That's for 'what its worth' info - I don't have the psychic ability to check it out definitively; but that's what comes to mind.

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Well if I can answer.. It wasn't a seizure but when your in meditation most of the time your mind lifts from your body and goes astral or your in a very lucid trance. If your mixing with other close energies, thinking of something/some one, than that could have caused your body to jerk and experience what your astral form was thinking or doing because of the realness of the meditation until you could retrieve full consciousness.

I think it is possible to have a seizure during meditation though. It could happen when your mind can't get back to the body or some other reason. I'm not too studied in this subject but I'm experienced enough.

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Has anyone ever had a seizure meditating? Well, I haven't, but something that is quite fascinating is that some historians say that when the Islamic Prophet Muhammed meditated in a cave and used to get revelations, that he in fact was having a "seizure" and some people claim he was epileptic.

V.S. Ramachandran is a famous neurologist who has written about the relation between temopral lobe epilepsy and religious expreiences, here are some videos on the subject /> /> />

Here are some links about evidence claiming the Prophet Muhammed was epileptic:

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