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I've come across 2 bottles; Maybe even the entire 6-pack was like this (I only drank from the 2). I opened 'em up, took a few sips. No smell. But as soon as I got halfway done. O_O Smelly Coca-Cola. It's really hard to describe the smell; I'm actually not gonna try. I threw the first bottle away, thinkin' it was a one-time deal. But when I tried another bottle the next day... same thing.
Danneh Danneh 66-70, M 3 Answers Aug 29, 2010

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Outdated..send it back or call them, but always check the dates..they will reimburse you.

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Wouldn't it have smelled as soon as I opened it? And if I remember correctly, the date was good to go. Maybe a misprint... Idk, those Cokes were freaks of nature I suppose.

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i don't know about stinky coke. but i do know that i have had quite a few cokes that taste like dirt was in the bottle. not gritty, but just the flavor of dirt. or just a funky after taste. yuck !

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