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nikinic1971 nikinic1971 41-45, F 2 Answers Feb 15, 2014 in Travel

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Puerto Rico is very nice. The beach is all around haha. When I went you didn't have to pay taxes on some things. I am not sure if it's still the same now. It's safe. There are no worries. Like all places, if you look for trouble you will find trouble. As long as you enjoy yourself it's fine.

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nope, but I've gone to the Dominican Republic :) all I can say is if you're planning to go to central america, you should probably get a travel agency. There are really exclusive coasts just for tourists, and they are pretty safe. There are some excesses obviously, there are some seniors on their senior trip and such and such. I guess, it might be better for you to go with your partner and leave the kids home, but there are many activities they can participate in as well. Go, you'll love it!

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