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PinkHippy PinkHippy 36-40, F 3 Answers Apr 29, 2012

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Working on it... found it's much harder to be the leader of family in crisis than being a child in the same situations... like needing to take care of everyone else plus me. Making headway but it's in no way easy. Dealing with all 3 of the items you've listed above at once...

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At least you are trying. Do you have any support?

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Yes, we have recently brought in a lot of support... child diagnosed with Aspbergers and mood disorder. Wife with pretty serious anxiety from years of dealing with the issues... working to succeed in business to pay off debt from failed company launched in the middle of all of this. Getting there one step at a time, the solutions are not those that others in my family want, but frankly the routes they were trying were failing so I've needed to drive the bus myself. Have counseling support for child, us managing and helping child, me personally, and my wige. Meds help bigtime for child's mood. Wish it wasn't this way but it's the only life we have and need ot make the best of it, thanks for asking!

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I am glad you have some support, did you mention support for you and your wife too? It is just as important if you haven't. Well done to you and your family to keep going sometimes that is better than nothing heh x Don't wish to pry about your financial situation but you shouldn't have to struggle too much, there are advise sites out there I think its called debt advisory line and it is free advise. Or citizens advise. Sometimes its a matter of just doing the best you can. I gather that with debt you can offer to pay certain amounts that you can afford so that you are not struggling so much. Your wife could try yoga/meditation it is very good for stress and feeling more positive. I wish you and your family keep well x

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Thanks again for the thoughts.... wife and I need to go to couples counseling as well... understand there is a lot of help out there for debt, but at the end of the day I'm better off focusing and making as much as I can.... I'm pure commission... all the best!

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