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I have only seen it on the internet and it looks sooo good - better than any other oil massage I have seen. Google it or try and tell me what you think.
love26t9 love26t9 66-70, M 2 Answers Dec 30, 2012

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I got a massage from a lady one time and she let me suck her titts while she jacked me off. That was the best massage ever.

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OH Tony find a gay that does erotic massages and tell him you will tell him if he crosses any lines but to give you the works. You will love it.

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No lines to cross unless your mean to this ****. Of course being called a **** is what I live for

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I actually got that line from the masseur--I had told him that I had been with a half dozen shemales but I had never been with a MAN. There is a difference in the mind. So this was going to be a completely different experience for me-crossing over another line. He asked what my limitations were and I simply told him that I would tell him when he had or was about to cross that line. I knew from his ads and phone conversation that his massages were on a message table, that both of us would be naked and that he would be on the massage table too. That idea thrilled me because I knew we would have hopefully full body contact. That and a man's hands roaming over my body with a "legitimate reason" - massage made me feel comfortable-er an excuse for doing whatever I was about to do. I booked 2 hours as I didn't want a rushed session-I could always cut it short - hell it's only money. I thought I had done a story on it but if not I will. That guy almost turned me completely gay in less than 2 hours. He crossed every line that I could have thought of and I was begging for more. We never said a word - it was all actions. I found my self at one point with my fingers touching the floor, my head hanging over the end of the table, up on my knees and my *** as high as possible with my legs spread to the sides of the table. In my mind I was saying - PLEASE **** ME RIGHT NOW-PLEASE. When I reached under and took his **** head and lifted it to my hole he knew I wanted it. And he gave it to me. We don't use the table now-just his bed.

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