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I have borderline personality disorder. But because of drug use, I developed psychosis and have visual hallucinations. My doctor put me on .5mg of Risperdal to start off with, and I've been taking it for two weeks. My hallucinations went away, but returned for about 30 minutes today. It made me a lot calmer and I don't get as angry anymore. But what do I do about hallucinations? Is it supposed to fix those this soon in treatment? Is it even worth taking?
SincerelyAnna SincerelyAnna 16-17, F 3 Answers Sep 3, 2012 in Personality Disorder

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Eehhh Wow! Exactly my story, bang on :P I'm starting risperdal for the first time tomorrow... im very nervous about it. Maybe we could talk? Very close stories we have.

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My ex took it for a few years. It did make him put on weight a bit. Also we both decided it was making him feel too 'numb'. He had trouble being happy as well as sad, like everything was just numbed down.

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I had a positive experience with it but it causes weight gain docs may not want to put you on it if they feel it may cause a health concern

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