I made an offer to buy an apartment a over 2 months ago. I am in a lucky position to made a straight buy rather than a mortgage. Everything was going according to plan, even with predicted set backs with solicitors, vendor and current tenants. But I am due to take possession but our solicitor is still waiting for information from the management company (who obviously manage the apartment block). Our solicitor has made the inquires over 3 weeks ago but has yet to hear back. Is this normal for management companies to take this long to get back with information? I have kept badgering my solicitor and she has kept on top of it but why is it taking so long? I was due to pick up keys last week but this information from management company is holding everything back. Any advice? P.S. this is an apartment in the UK - so when i say solicitor i mean lawyer - incase no one knows! :)
BondGirl84 BondGirl84 26-30, F 1 Answer Dec 15, 2013 in Community

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I know a man who we call Godfather. You can talk to him and he can make things happen for you. Let me know.

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