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lifetime201 lifetime201 16-17, M 3 Answers Aug 29, 2014 in Health

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Yes at 15. I was awake for the whole thing lots of anesthetic in the nose. Indian Dr. He was great used a hammer and chisel I kid you not. No black or blue no pain .

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How was it? Any results and how was the recovery process? Any tips?

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The dr. Took these long thin needles like 6 of them and the tips had anesthetic on them stuck them in my nose and started pulling them out once the anesthetic took effect like long acupuncture needles basically the septum was crooked and blocked the side of my nostrils and breathing was bad, lots of hammer and chisel, packing up my nose for 3 days, because at the time they were operating on my head they couldn't knock you out, I felt no pain during or after and surprised didn't look like a raccoon , he said I wouldn't but I did not remember him saying that.. I'm not sure if I was just lucky my recovery was easy 30 yrs ago... I've heard others were successful, but went thru much pain,, but if it makes breathing easier, it's well worth it,, I had accident space up there he told me.. Just don't blow you nose for a while ... Sneeze if you must thru your mouth.. I hope it goes well for you

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Hey sorry for messaging out of the blue but I was the guy who asked about 'Septoplasty'. I have a few general questions,
when you had it done, did you resume your normal routine right away like brushing teeth & showering or did you not do that for a while?
Also you say recovery was 'extremely easy' how so?
How was your diet? Mostly fluids or also solids?
And any thing else you think would help in recovery?

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I was in the hospital for 2 days ,bored . I had very little pain. the dr. Then came and took the packing out. No diet restrictions I got home , it was winter and went about my usual routine , no restrictions, was able to shower etc.. Now I'm not sure the techniques you will have done will be like mine , who knows how things have changed in 30 yrs.. I asked what was in those needles he stuck in my nose, they were soaked with anesthetic, novacaine and he did mention cocaine.. He pulled them out after the medicine took affect , some I could feel so he left those in but I wasn't high , fully awake no pain, although they did say my blood pressure went up a little hast must of been nerves. Not sure gig they will knock you out, but that was the reason they didn't put me out because they were operating on my head so I was told. Would be interested to see how your procedure is done.

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