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untroubledheart untroubledheart 41-45, F 6 Answers May 16, 2012

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Yes, I bought one a few months ago and I love it! $6=150km! cheap rego, service, tyres, insurance, etc. Can park anywhere - usually right at the door! Its fun and its amazing how much groceries you can fit on and in it. And I am a female in my late 40's, it also starts many a friendly conversation and comments from strangers. I live in Queensland Australia so the climate is right for it. It takes about a day of riding around and stopping and having a coffee/lunch/contemplation and you have learnt how to ride, so easy. If you can ride a push bike you can ride a moped, no gears or peddling.

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since the price of LPG has risen so much here the motorbike is looking damn good again

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hell no!! if i was gonna buy anything like that i'd buy a Harley or a crotch rocket. even though Harleys are still gas guzzlers they'd still use a lot less gas than a car

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