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They give you twilight sleep, Do these sedative drugs make you sick? Does it hurt when they inject lydocain in your thigh? Can you feel it when they put in the large needle for the catheter port? Can you feel it when they thread those wires and things into your heart to inject the dye? I heard they dont cut you anymore where they put in the port, that they just use a large 3 mm diameter needle and when they are done they inject calogen to plug the whole in your leg? I also heard that if they use a baloon to open a blocked artery or put in a stent it creats the temporary condition like having a heart atack and is very painfull? I have never had any kind of opperation in my life and Im kind of paranoid about it. They say one in 1000 people die from having this done. Can anyone tell me their experience in detail????
thomasedwin thomasedwin 46-50, M 3 Answers Dec 3, 2012 in Health

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yeah I died feel better now

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