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'Enchiladas' and 'taco' - repeated over and over
Buckwheat1992 Buckwheat1992 22-25, M 1 Answer May 12, 2014 in Food

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We're not ALL in America

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And we don't watch tv either, lol! ;o)

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Dude just know that I'm shaking with anger, so you win - you got to me. But all I can say is I don't think a single negative thing about anyone. I thought about the fact beforehand that not everyone would understand the question when I asked it.

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Buck, I don't win, there's no competition... and I wouldn't believe for a second that you are as negative as me, ok?
This ";o)" is meant to imply my jaded sarcasm, but failed... I wish you nothing but joy, love and peace
Sincerely HV x

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