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brittkneebreaksknees brittkneebreaksknees 18-21, F 3 Answers Nov 6, 2012 in Community

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No, but if you are talking about the most awesome video store in the world Family Video, then you are awesome. I love that store. Redbox is great, but I still like to go to an actual store.

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I was not concerned about the test since I figured that it would cover things needed for the job, some alphabetizing, basic adding and subtracting, etc. I homeschooled my kids for years and felt rather confident that I had the material down. I was concerned that it was timed since I have test anxiety any time a timer is around. They expect you to take the test in the store with customers coming and going, the tvs blaring, I had a printer right next to my head going off without warning and the door bell ringing made me look up EVERY time thinking it was my timer. I had a difficult time recalling my own name in those circumstances. The first couple of sections made sense to me since it had to do with finding errors and alphabetizing. I did feel that the 4 minutes or so they gave you was not enough time. Then came the THREE math sections. Not only were the copies difficult to read and I had a very difficult time telling a 5 from a 6, etc, but I did not expect to have to multiply fractions, do square roots, triple digit multiplication, addition in the thousands and percents. Not that I am incapable of some of those large problems, but when they have to give you scratch paper, it seems to me that you aren't going to use this renting videos. Trying to figure these things out knowing I was being timed, being completely distracted and having to refigure things because of it burning precious time on top of not being able to read all of the numbers was ridiculous. The story problems were equally as intricate. There was a sort of reading comprehension section that had a math component to it dealing with percents. Again, why? I read and re-read the first story a few times and used almost my whole 4 minutes to study that and there were 2 stories with several questions each. There was a spelling section followed by a section on synonyms and although I am a spelling stickler and love words, I fail to see the relevance for the job. I knew ba<x>sed on all the problems I had in several of the sections, I would not pass. I told the person administering the test that I had a difficult time reading the numbers but that was after that section and she seemed unconcerned. I told the manager that they should reconsider the testing atmosphere and he thought I was trying to get him to change my score. Good grief, at this point, I figured that if they play these kinds of games to hire you, I don't want to work for them. I simply said that I have taught for many years and I would never put my students in an atmosphere such as that and expect to get an accurate picture of their abilities. I feel like they wasted my time. If you need to do a test, make sure it is pertinent to the job. <br />
<br />
After this, I have learned that I am not alone in my experience and I find that very sad. I seriously find it offensive that the only people they will hire are people who are good test takers in a timed and distractible atmosphere.

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