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The idea behind the Gut and Psychology Syndrome diet is to re-establish a good balance of the microorganisms in your gut. The bad ones feed on sugars and starches, so sugar, milk and all starches are OUT. It's pretty hard to do, but it's even harder to make someone else do it. Our whole family has gone GAPS to try to help our schizophrenic family member, but some days it's discouraging. Anyone else trying to do this?
odddlycrunchy odddlycrunchy 56-60 2 Answers Nov 11, 2011

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it won't help your MPD one bit. MPD, is trauma ba<x>sed . the heart/mind splinters to protect itself, when having to endure something it perseives as extremely traumatic. I've also adjusted my diet very similar to what you describe. I include probiotics, raw vinegar, live culture yogurt, as well as homemade fermented foods in my diet. in a physical sence, I feel really good. but it was not what helped me thru my own MPD issues.

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