ie. Softer skin less hair breasts? Of so can you please tell me about it Why how it worked How long did you need to take before something happened :-)B-) I-)
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Development of breasts, getting more stomach fat, feeling tired, loss of muscle mass and emotional disturbances is what some of the things are. You don't just grow boobs and get less hair. Also, it's very risky, health wise - your bones get weaker, causing them to fracture more easily.

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Ya I have heard about that ya I know the boobies are a tough one
Oh thanx for answering me:-) I guess if you do stuff like that before
Puberty would more so
Is that what the doctor gave you?
If it is to. Personal that's ok see ive wanted to be or felt like a girl
It is way more then clothing it would Hard to say for sure
I do know I do like a lot of things girls do
It is very huhhh I cant say now its feelings not thoughts
It drives in my head every day I do wear girls undies have no men's never did
Well you know when I was a boy ive got so many pairs of pantyhose nylons and
Tights I saw this girl today she had a dealt cute skirt an dark tights the skirt
sorry I get carried away I have nobody to talk to about this stuff
I could cry some times

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Um, read the profile, I'm a woman. Being on estrogen, aka. birth control pills, is kind of a natural thing and it doesn't affect me in the way it would you. And if you really wanna know what it's like to be a woman, it FVCKING SUCKS. Periods, cramps, sore breasts, mood swings, perverted men everywhere - be happy you're a guy, you got it a whole lot easier than women do.

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Well I already get the cramps a lot I take pills for it oh mood swings,
Oh and do I know what you mean about perv its not about one or the other

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Oh and thank you for your thoughts and input:-)

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