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I was recently let go unjustly by a manager that was training for her new job while trying to direct me on my new job. I believe she let me go because she had not been directing me over the previous month, did not know how to direct me since we did not have the same job responsibilities. I saw so many things that were screwed up with the company while I was there so it was probably a blessing in disguise. Meanwhile though I have no income coming in. I filed a complaint with a consumer complaint group with the hopes that I will have some success in getting my severance pay increased. Apparently if they don't respond within a certain time, they get fined money. Also the complaint remains on the internet. I have also filed complaints about the company with other internet sites that have requested employee reviews. I think some companies take advantage to the "employment at will" law and they mess with their employees by discarding them of they simply don't like the way they look.
Karalea Karalea 46-50, F Feb 19, 2014 in Community

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