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No, but the threat of a Cascadia subduction zone earthquake has.

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Working in the security field in hospitals taught me that you need to have at least a stash of freezedried food, water, medicines, clothing, blankets, waterproof matches, or fire starter, hatchet, knife, and first aid kit, gloves, boots or sturdy shoes, hard hat. Both in your home and in a "Go Bag" in your car in the event you have to evacuate.

Freezedried food is expensive but it is easy to store and carry if you have to evacuate. Katrina taught us that you need at least a one month supply of food, and potable water for drinking, cooking , and bathing at least 5 gals. per person a day.

Under stressful conditions the military instructs us that you will need to consume 2400 calories a day for males and 2200 for females + or - depending on health conditions, and age.

The decision to arm yourself for personal protection is one only you can make.

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Long before Super Sandy hit the eastern seaboard. I began to map out a survival route for my family and myself. My city was hit 5 years ago with a windstorm that toppled trees and power lines in fact a very tall and old tree fell on top of our house and partially crushed in our roof no one was hurt. This storm caught our entire city by surprise and we weren't prepared. We learned a big lesson about not having supplies. I think the residents of the Eastern coast never expected a hurricane to directly hit them and hit them during mid fall a time when hurricanes are not suppose to appear, I'm sorry for what they went through I'm betting they all will be prepared if a weather event on this scale occurs again.

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nope not really plus don;t have much of a place to store it :(

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