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My ex cheated on me 6 times, which i was told of only recently. I found texts all the time of other womens naked bits, him sending dirty messages back etc but when i would confront him he would out cold lie about it and it made me feel so **** about myself. I know my boyfriend now would never cheat on me EVER he really isn't the sort. He's lovely and I do love him but I find it hard to believe he loves me back, why is this? Do you think its something to do with the lack of belief my ex has made me have?
tonim29 tonim29 16-17, F 6 Answers Oct 31, 2010

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I think the pain is just still raw for you and something you fear you'll go through again. I's perfectly normal and part of our survival instincts.

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I recon if your new man wants/loves you enough he will understand and help you through it. It's prob a good thing to keep you witts about you. Most guys aren't cheaters.

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