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For me twice, my step mom got kicked out of the church because of me, It wasn't really my fault, either but yeah it's something I don't want to go into...We both still believe in God, and still go to our own churches. Also my aunt was pinned with two fake restraining orders, because I went to go and pick up an elderly woman to go out for an afternoon with me and my grandpa, her son, is a very sick and twisted individual, he has been writing up fake restraining orders on everybody and anybody, he sent one of his friends to give two to my aunty, because he doesn't know who I am, and he also sent one to his mothers best friend of 50 years because he is abusive to his mother and isolates her from anyone who cares for her. My aunt was so distressed over the whole ordeal, it wasn't until she got a second restraining order that she showed them to a lawyer who told her that they weren't even real.....That man even went to her work at the hospital to serve her with a fake restraining order!
Jesusfoundme Jesusfoundme 31-35, F May 15, 2014 in Community

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