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Oh yeah! Several times over the years. Most recently right after my Mother passed away a year and a half ago. I should write it up for an EP story. When I was out of town, a stranger left me a note on my mailbox asking if I wanted to sell one of the two slot machines he saw in my garage when I was moving in. I called the guy to tell him yes and he came over. I asked him why he left the note on my mailbox and not at my front door. He said "The old lady told me to put it on your mailbox." I said: "Uh, what old lady?" He said: "The one that answered the door." [I'll continue dialog in line format]:

Me: "MY door?"

He: "Yeah."

Me: "Are you sure you were at this house?"

He: "You got my note right?"

Me: "Oh my gawd. Can you describe this old lady?"

He: "She was in a wheelchair. Hell, an old lady, I don't know, old looking."

Me: "Uh, there has NEVER been ANY old lady in my house."

He: "Never?"

Me: "Never." goes on and gets more solid to the point of undoubtable...

The old lady WAS my Mom! I kid you not. And I AM one of life's major sceptics...a hard core scientist...I mean like real hard core...I do not believe in anything even slightly doubtable!


EP does not allow me to reply to any replies nor comments. All I am able to do is post a new comment (on stories only) or add to an existing reply/comment. It sucks.

Soooo, that said:

That it is conceivably feasible for it to all be scientifically sound, just maybe involved some scientific stuff we have not discovered yet.

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Amazing event.
What are you thinking about this event as a scientist?

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Of course. I have experienced miracles with a few different people. It's fun to see the look on their faces. Priceless actually! You should have seen my friend Sarah's face after we experienced one together. Some even say I am a good luck charm and from the looks of it lately I have some good luck of my own.

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Yes. But to me miracles are a deeply personal and wonderful thing and I am not going to post it here for people to dirty with their doubt and their inhibitions. Believe and receive.

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Yes... and ironic thing is I.didn't recognize them as such til later on...

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Yes and I was the instrument. It's an amazing but humbling experience!

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Please elaborate.

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My life, for example...

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I did not understand it, but it was no miracle... :(

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What was that? Please share.

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o.o I really don't want to go into it. I am trying to pretend it never happened.

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