No. He was the biggest. Either he was naive according to critics of Islam (for thinking that Pakistan will accept his non-violence ideas) or he was a shrewd politician according to MN Roy, RP Dutt and Bose's granddaughter (because he threw Bose out of Cong) . RP Dutt said he stopped the Non-cooperation movement because protesters were going to get rid of landlords. So he was saving capitsalist lobby for 30 years. He also said Gandhi controlled all movements and stopped them whenever they were a threat to capitalists and that the Britishers deserved to be fought by violent revolution.<br />
<br />
It is Gandhi who lied that secularism means equal treatment of all religions which is the biggest lie in our constitution. Read the meaning of secularism to know why the rest of the civilized states went from Christian to secular. There is no word for equal treatment of all religions and this concept itself is illogical because when religions contradict each other all cannot be true. We may never know what is true but when we know a certain religion is a hoax it must be erxposed and disposed from its followers brains.

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